Where Has The Time Gone?

Wow. I can’t believe it has been so long. Long story short: We sold the condo finally in May for less than we’d hoped but we bought a far nicer and larger place than we expected for a lot less than it should have cost us.

Owning my own house is great. I have a nice computer room and room for my drums, turntables and other music gear. My cat loves having all this room to run around in.

Life is good.

Keeping It Up

The condo has been on the market for a while now and unfortunately still no viewings. This is not unexpected. It’s a buyer’s market and we’ve heard about condos that have been on the market for a year now without even a single showing. While this is a little depressing we’re trying to focus on the positive aspects. And it only takes one person to fall in love and buy our place.

I think the best part of this experience so far is the habits I’ve been forming. I’ve never been particularly neat nor organized. I wish I had listened to my parents and developed these habits while I was young but it just didn’t happen that way. There’s no time like the present I’ve heard.

We’ve gotten a nice routine for ourselves. We put things away before we go to bed. And in the mornings we make the bed, make sure the house is tidy, the bathrooms are clean and pack up and take out the garbage on our way out. Our goal is to have the place in a non-embarrassing state whenever we’re not home just in case someone wants to view the place. We’re not perfect and I get yelled at all the time for not doing a good enough job but hopefully it’ll be worth all the stress in the end.

Now all we need is a viewing.

My Adventures in Real Estate

It’s time. It’s time for a new chapter in my life. I’ve lived in my apartment-style condo for the last 6 years and while there’s things that have bothered me from time to time I have really liked living there. I have a great view and few responsibilities beyond my financial responsibilities. While I enjoy the location and the way of life things change. I’ve changed.

About 4 years ago my lovely girlfriend moved in with me. At the time it was quite a big change for me. Suddenly what was enough room and space for one person was not enough for two people. My first major purge ensued. Again, over time we accumulated more things. We’ve been quite creative in finding places to store everything but in the end we had to face the truth. We need more space.

We need more space not only for our belongings and future belongings but in order to do things like have company over or to start a family (no plans yet though, haha!). So once again a purge had to happen. In August we rented ourselves a small storage unit close to our condo unit and for the last month we’ve spent our evenings and weekends packing, moving, cleaning and painting. We visited my banker who gave us great news as to what we qualify for for a mortgage. We called a family friend who is a Real Estate Agent (and now our Real Estate Agent) and I met with him on Friday and his assistant was over Sunday night to take final measurements and photos. We’re all set right?

Four years ago we probably would have been laughing by now. The markets were great, the condo units in my building were selling for more than twice what we paid for them! Today things are a lot different. If I’m lucky I’ll sell my condo for slightly more than what I originally paid for it. I’m trying to stay positive and hope for the best.

It’s Day 2.

My adventure begins…